Workshops and Trainings

Work is good for mental health, but a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems. At a global policy level, WHO's Global Plan of Action on Worker’s Health (2008-2017) and Mental Health Action Plan (2013-2030) point towards the role of organizations in maintaining mental health. Organizations have a responsibility to support individuals with mental disorders in either continuing or returning to work. A psychologically safe and healthy workplace is one that promotes workers' mental well-being and does not harm employee mental health through negligent, reckless, or intentional ways.

Ahealo Mental Wellness brings an extensive training program for your business. Training focuses on awareness, knowledge of issues, identifying mental health issues and self-help knowledge. Let’s have an overall look at our training Program.

Training Program

Ahealo’s training program includes five different workshops covering different domains of work challenges prevailing at general. These workshops are further separated into themes that focuses on addressing a specific challenge. The positive side of these training program is that it addresses problems not only for executives, business survival, but also the issues prevailing at employees and managerial levels are also discussed.

Workshop 1: Mental Health Matters for Your Business Profits & Survival

Employee’s working in cooperate organizations have to deal with inadequate health policies and poor management practices. They have low control over one’s area of work and low levels of support. Ahealo provides trainings employees, managers and executives so that they would become able to cope with the workplace challenges effectively. This workshop rests on the premise that mental health training is what brings the rate of profits higher in cooperate businesses.

  • The workshop focuses on raising efficient workforce and maximize productivity. It continues to provide mental health training workshop in order to maintain the effectiveness of the team.

The themes includes are focusing on mental health on business, profit and productivity; mental health crisis; psychological safety; proactive self-care; signs and symptoms of a mental illness; mental resilience; and positive mental health model.

Workshop 2: Mental Health Nurtures Business Fighters (Not Quitters) - Face, Manage, Relax, & Win

People are afraid of being alienated, perceived as weird, and deemed unsuited for their jobs if they divulge their problems. Employers play a critical role in assisting employees by providing mental health education and encouraging open discussion. Ahealo provides trainings so that a mentally healthy company keeps employees for longer periods of time, and everyone knows what the company's goals are, making it easier to set reasonable timetables and expectations.

  • Ahealo’s training workshop enables employee to understand, improve and overcome challenges and approaching to Business Fighter. The business fighter going to fight against all the challenges.

The themes includes are focusing on staff turnover; positive mental wellbeing; dealing with stressful manager; work engagement; bullying; and techniques to cope with failures and challenges.

Workshop 3: Mental Health First Aid

This workshop equips the executives, managers, and employees with skills to administer mental health first aid. It aims to provide mental health aiding in order to have an insight of prevailing mental illnesses. It will bring teaching of the skills to respond to the signs of mental health problems within workplace. In this, different self-help techniques will be introduced. The training will also help participants to identify, understand and respond to mental health.

  • The workshop cover & applied in all level of corporate members, not an individual matter. It targets mental health first aid items to improve emerging challenges and establish a mental health positive and caring culture in corporate.

The themes includes are focusing on mental health first aid; mental health awareness; fighting stigma; support and empathy; corporate culture; dealing with long term effect; and various professional and self-help techniques.

Workshop 4: Mental Health for Salespeople & Front-line staff

Salespeople and front-line staffs face constant pressure and stress on the job that led to mental health issues. So, this workshop facilitates the salespersons and front-line staffs to counter the effect of their distress. It also helps to provide techniques and strategies to cater their mental health issues while being at workplace. Various prevailing mental distresses will be addressed, and self-help strategies are discussed during the workshop.
The themes include are focusing on mental burnout; mindful time management techniques; motivation and commitment; confidence building; resilient mindset; overcoming rejection and abuse; handling stress, anxiety, and pressure; goal setting; and mindful techniques in building self-trust.

Workshop 5: Mindfulness Exercises

Stress in today's workplace is endemic and ever increasing. Mindfulness training is one option many employers are utilizing on this front. Helping employees learn to embrace mindfulness techniques can have a lot of advantages for both employees and employers. Mindfulness can help employees better manage stress levels, which can improve productivity and morale, thus leading to higher job satisfaction.
The mindfulness exercises is not limited to employers (executives), but also helpful for managers and employees in workplace. The themes include are focusing on purge and relax; staying in present; mindful thoughts; get rid of stress and pressure; art therapy; let it go; stay calm; team bonding; building relationships; mindful relaxation; purge negative thoughts; and team building and support.