Why Invest In Ahealo

Ahealo has done sufficient research in our first year before incorporation to fully understand all employees' psychological challenges and mental health requirements. We identified several mental health-related factors such as stress, depression, bullying, burnout, etc., as resolutions and started our engineering work to tackle these issues. We combine technology and professional expertise on our platform to address these employees' challenges

We focus on corporates

Our mission and commitment have been corporate oriented since our incorporation. We have developed all our technologies and marketing to address the challenges companies face and their employees. We know that managing employees' mental health-related challenges are essential, and so are the problems faced by their employers.

The services offered from Ahealo cover different sizes of companies, from well- established multinational corporations to small and medium companies. Our psychologists are primarily English-speaking professionals, and our target markets are mainly in the UK, US, Canada, and ANZ.. 

Furthermore, we can also support customers of different nationalities and races based on our psychotherapists' comfort and language ability. That means services from Ahealo have no boundary.

We invest in 6 free self-therapy tools

Ahealo has invested heavily in our research and productized our findings into 6 mental health self-therapy tools. We believe in providing free tools to employees to help cultivate their habits toward positive mental health.

We provide on-demand and contract psychotherapy

Ahealo works with more than 30 global licensed psychologists to provide on-demand psychotherapy and counseling service to corporate employees. These psychologists have a wide range of expertise to assist employees with most mental health-related challenges. Our platform can facilitate personalized and flexible psychotherapists services, at the same time to maintain user privacy

We provide mental health & e-mindfulness trainings & content

Ahealo’s in-house psychologists have prepared 4 mental health and 1 e-mindfulness workshop for our corporate clients. These contents are shared with our professional team of psychologists for employee training. We have the resources to design any mental health-related content as required by our corporate clients and delivered by our psychologists to ensure the quality of training.

We provide all e-mindfulness activities

Ahealo provides all types of e-mindfulness activities through our corporate e-mindfulness room initiative to create the space needed by employees to stay calm and peaceful. These e-mindfulness activities are professional psychologists-led to bring an extra level of care to employees who suffer from stress, burnout, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, etc. Our e-mindfulness room initiative uniquely positions Ahealo as one of the caring providers in the corporate space.

We have a core team in place

Ahealo has a lean core team that consists of our engineering, marketing, in-house psychologist scholars, and business development. Our business expenditures are kept within our budget to ensure extended-lasting operations without running out of funds. Our professional psychologist team is compensated on an on-requirement basis. This arrangement provides access to the global talent pool without increasing our operating costs.

We focus on organic marketing programs and partnerships with in-depth content

Ahealo emphasizes knowledge-based programs across all our social media accounts. This is where our core marketing team and our in-house psychologists create valuable employee content for positive mental health. We also support ecosystem partners, including EAP providers, insurance companies, and non-profit and educational organizations, to drive our Strategic Alliance Programs to reach out to more companies and employees. Ahealo enables our partners to deliver a total solution to meet the demands of our clients. 

We own our technology Intellectual Property

Ahealo has developed our customized platform for taking on-demand psychotherapy, corporate psychotherapy, 6 self-therapy products, health assessment, mindfulness, and various publications. The research and development effort allows Ahealo to own our IP as a mental healthcare provider.

We form our global network of licensed clinical psychotherapists

Ahealo has more than 30 licensed clinical psychologists spread across various continents, from Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. We can increase the number of psychologists when the demand increases. So, we are always ready for business expansion.

We seek like-minded investors to grow with us

We have come so far since our inception. Investing in research, content creation, technology development, organic marketing, and training content to give our corporate clients what they need to help their employees.
In this journey, we seek like-minded investors to grow with us. We believe in creating a mentally healthy platform for all our corporate clients’ employees where healing and caring can occur privately without judging.