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The growth of mental illness campaigns over the years have raised awareness globally, but despite the effort, we are still seeing a massive number of patients not seeking the treatments. Recognition of depression, addiction, bipolar disorder, and suicide, as well as celebrities confessing about their mental health struggles, have helped to mitigate the effects of social labeling. 

A study by the World Health Organization found that between 30 and 80 percent of people in different countries with mental health issues don’t seek treatment. This includes 50% of people with bipolar disorder, 55% of people with panic disorder, 56% of people with major depression, and a stunning 78% of people with alcohol use disorder. So, the question remains: with mental health issues being more prominent than ever and mental treatments being more available, why are people still not seeking help?

To answer this refusal to seek treatment, we need to look at all the potential reasons or excuses why people are not seeking help: –


1. 5.8% - No transportation or treatment too far

Ahealo provides ePsychotherapy or online psychotherapy, where treatments are conducted with counseling psychologists using online video sessions. No traveling is required, and the video session is conduction at the comfort of your seat and at your convenient time.


2. 6.5% - Don't want others to find out

Ahealo allows nicknames or pseudo names for all our users without any personal identification, contact number, residence information, etc. Complete user privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to all our users and our critical business offering. There are no traces of your records within the country of your residence, and we don’t even know who you are. Similarly, our list of counseling psychologists wouldn’t know who you are too. Disclosing your identity is at your complete discretion.

3. 6.5% - No insurance coverage

Ahealo’s list of counseling psychologists charge at a very competitive rate. This is because Ahealo is an online marketplace for psychotherapy. Competition among our counseling psychologists will drive the prices lower for the benefit of all our users.

Additionally, Ahealo is in the process of working with insurancers to include us as a certified psychotherapy provider. If you have the right insurance plan with the insurers we work with, then insurance coverage will be taken care of.


4. 8.1% - Concerns about effects on jobs

All sessions conducted within the Ahealo marketplace are strictly between you and our list of counseling psychologists in your privacy. This means Ahealo and our counseling psychologists are under no obligation to report anything to your employers. Similarly, we leave no records within your country’s healthcare system. So, be free to engage any of our counseling psychologists and get the mental healthcare you need.

5. 8.6% - Not necessary required

Unfortunately, only 25% of people with a potential mental health condition seek treatment. Most people choose to suffer in silence and at the expense of their family and loved ones’ happiness. Ahealo and our counseling psychologists cannot force you to embark on psychotherapy sessions, but we sincerely hope that you will do so for the sake of your family and loved ones.


6. 9.7% - Concern about confidentiality

Ahealo promotes user privacy, confidentiality, and other forms of pseudo identities. We don’t require any of your information to proceed with psychotherapy from our list of counseling psychologists. So, you can be assured that you will remain anonymous with us.


7. 10.9% - Unsure if psychotherapy will help

Many people have the same doubt too if psychotherapy will help their condition. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that psychotherapy will work for all people, but most people who engage in counseling psychologists manage to recover from their mental illness with around 20 sessions. However, some cases stretched more than 2 years.

There is no promise that psychotherapy will ensure a guaranteed recovery. No counseling psychologists can ever guarantee success. But it is essential to establish that trust with your counseling psychologist because the trust helps improve the success factor.


8. 11% - Concern about opinion of others

This concern is very similar to user privacy and confidentiality. When you visit a psychologist around your neighborhood, there might be a good chance to be spotted by friends or colleagues.

The counseling psychologists on the Ahealo marketplace conduct our psychotherapy in absolute secrecy through a 1-1 video call at a time and place of your comfort. So, you can be doing this in your bedroom without having to be spotted by others. Beautiful, isn’t it?


9. 14.2% - No time or too busy

Well, it’s a matter of prioritizing your schedule, should you think these therapies are necessary for your mental health recovery. Most counseling psychologists around your neighborhood operate from 9 am to 6 pm, just like your working hours. So, it’s harder to get time off for an appointment.

On the Ahealo marketplace, all our counseling psychologists are from different parts of the world. Ahealo engages only the best to deliver various therapies according to mental health needs. So, their timezone becomes available to you for an appointment during off-office hours. That’s a plus when you get a therapy session with Ahealo.


10. 14.2% - Be forced to take meds

Well, there will be NO meds on Ahealo. All our therapies are strictly talked therapy only. Our team of counseling psychologists will not be issuing any medications to you.


11. 16.7% - No idea where to go

This is an issue if you are forced to check around your neighborhood for the ideal counseling psychologist to help you. However, this is never an issue with Ahealo because our entire panel of counseling psychologists are listed on our website.

All psychologists will have full professional information listed on their profiles. So, it’s only a matter of a few clicks and reading to find the right counseling psychologists to help you.


12. 22.2% - Able to handle without therapy

Well, this is entirely your decision, because this is your mental health. No one can ever force you to undergo a therapy session. The choice is yours. But do consider undergoing psychotherapy for the sake of your family and loved ones. It’s not just about you.

Suppose the cost of therapy is your utmost concern. In that case, you can be assured that competitiveness on the Ahealo marketplace will drive down the therapy costs from our panel of counseling psychologists. Plus, reviews are given by users after every therapy session. You will be able to find a psychotherapist at an affordable price and with good reviews. It’s Ahealo’s mission and commitment to bring cheap and good psychotherapy to you.


13. 47.7% - Couldn't afford the expenses

We share your concerns too. The average cost per neighborhood psychotherapy session ranges from $120 to $200 and onwards. Ahealo understands the cost incurred for psychotherapy can be significant when you multiply the number of sessions. And not to mention that some cases do need years for recovery.

Ahealo cannot control the pricing set by our counseling psychologists. Still, we will continue to source excellent and affordable professionals onto our platform to increase the pool of talents and expertise. Our philosophy is to create competitiveness and improve mental healthcare quality at a reasonable cost to all our users.

Yes, we will continue to do our best to bring the best and affordable mental healthcare to you. It’s our Mission and Commitment.


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