Psychotherapist on Demand

On demand psychotherapy provides services that are flexible and customized to individual needs i.e., time, mode of therapy, choice of therapist.

Initiate Your Organization’s Journey Towards A Mental Health Caring Company Through Our Venture Of Ad Hoc Therapy.

Benefits Of Simple Ad Hoc Therapy Arrangement
  • Employees will feel cared for.
  • They will not feel the burden of heavy costs of therapy
  • It will help them maintain their privacy.
  • They will be able to give their 100% in terms of performance
  • Ahealo provides the option of Ad Hoc Psychotherapy to make it easy for the organizations to provide non-clinic psychotherapy talk treatment whenever and wherever they need. Corporate discount will also be applied to family member of employee.
  • This will make life easier for employees to get therapy in non-emergency where their insurance companies fail to provide support to them. Ad Hoc Therapy is a global project in which Ahealo has made a liaison with psychotherapists from all over the world. This will ease your access to connecting to the therapist speaking your native language whenever you want.
Protect Your Privacy
Our Ad Hoc Psychotherapy service does not require employee to disclose their ID in order to maintain their privacy.
Be sure to provide the therapy support for your staff
and improve the employee’s contribution and performance.

Customized for Your Needs

  • Users can select their psychologist based on their own requirement based on language and region
  • Users can reserve the service based on their own schedule and availability of the Psychologists
  • Payment method - We take Paypal as our payment gateway, and all those payment methods that Paypal accepts globally.
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