Mental Health Nurtures Business Fighters- Face, manage, Relax, & Win

Ahealo Mental Awareness Platform brings mental health workshop to emphasis the fact that “Mental Health is everyone’s business”. Supporting mental health can be a cost-effective business strategy. Investing in a mentally healthy workplace can save revenue by decreasing absenteeism, presentism, disability compensation, and decreased productivity. It also helps to conform to workplace health and safety regulations, lowering the legal risk.

Ongoing Issue

Let's be honest. Mental health still has a stigma attached to it. People are afraid of being alienated, perceived as weird, and deemed unsuited for their jobs if they divulge their problems. Employers play a critical role in assisting employees by providing mental health education and encouraging open discussion. Creating an accessible and positive workplace that fosters engagement and attracts talent can be aided by providing materials that enhance awareness.

Challenges In Workplace

High demands, work overload, bullying, and poor communication can all lead to anxious employees taking time off or quitting their jobs to avoid a toxic workplace.

American Psychological Association (2021) studies compounding pressure on the American workforce and found that:
59% experienced negative impacts of work-related stress (NET)
20% not experienced any negative work-related stress impacts
21% have not felt work-related stress

What Solution Ahealo Can Provide

Ahealo provides trainings so that a mentally healthy company keeps employees for longer periods of time, and everyone knows what the company's goals are, making it easier to set reasonable timetables and expectations. Your firm will face difficulties if there is a lack of communication.

Each theme focuses on different aspects of mental health issues faced by organization on daily basis. The theme contains

  • How reducing stigma can create a positive workplace?
  • Why it’s imperative to focus on early intervention/prevention?
  • How to improve productivity and engagement at a workplace?
Problem: Staff turnover rates badly affect the financial standing of a business.
Solution: Explaining the ways that will help the organizations how they can retain their staff for a longer period and reduce the staff turnover rate.

Problem: A psychologically positive workplace is as important as a physically welcoming workplace.
Solution: Explaining the ways that will help the organizations form a positive workplace which will improve staff’s mental wellbeing.

Problem: We can be directly and indirectly affected by the mood of others.
Solution: It will explain how an employees can deal with a stressful manager and can save themselves from mental health issues.

Problem: A customer service representative has to deal with a lot of issues so it’s important that their mental wellbeing is not being compromised.
Solution: Explaining the ways through with mental well-being of a customer service representative can be maintained.

Problem: Employee’s engagement in work can be affected by several factors in which the work culture and work demands can play a significantly role.
Solution: Explaining the ways through which an employee’s engagement would be affected by work culture and transitioning through one’s career

Problem: The phenomenon of bullying is not an old concept but it has a potential of harming the victim exponentially.
Solution: Explaining that how bullying is a risk factor for mental illnesses and what can be done by organizations to minimize the number of cases of bullying.

Problem: Coping with failures and challenges can become hard if we don’t know the techniques and ways to deal with them.
Solution: Explaining the ways and techniques that staff can use to deal with failures and challenges that they have to face on a day to day basis.

Problem: A positive mind has been linked with improved physical and psychological health.
Solution: Explaining the ways through which one can find ways to make their mind stronger and more positive.

Problem: Finding your strengths and working on your weaknesses can ultimately improve your overall mental wellbeing.
Solution: Explaining how one can find their areas of strengths and weaknesses and how they can use those to improve their mental wellbeing.