Ahealo Mental Awareness Platform brings the workshop of mental health matters for your business profits and survival to equip the staff of a cooperate organization so that they would be able to understand the link between taking care of their mental health and the profit and survival rate of business.

Ongoing Issue

Employee’s working in cooperate organizations have to deal with inadequate health policies and poor management practices. They have low control over one’s area of work and low levels of support. Some also report to have inflexible working hours; and unclear tasks or organizational objectives. We are going to highlight the solutions of these problems in our mental health training workshops.

Challenges In Workplace

Communication problems, low employee engagement and motivation, low productivity rates, lack of conflict resolution, skill development and professional growth are common challenges in workplace that can be dealt with appropriate mental health trainings.

According to Zimyo Mental Health Statistics 2021:
64% of employees described their jobs as stressful
Only 1/4th of the employees feel comfortable asking for a mental health day-off.
41% of the employees have been diagnosed with a mental health issue.
11% of employees have thoughts and feelings of suicide at work.
52% believed that their mental health was the reason behind their low performance at work
24% of employees have had a panic attack at work.
71% experienced stress at work in the last 12 months.
73% of those with mental health issues said it affected their work adversely.

What Solution Ahealo Can Provide

Ahealo provides trainings employees, managers and executives so that they would become able to cope with the workplace challenges effectively.

The focus of the themes in this workshop rests on the premise that mental health training is what brings the rate of profits higher in cooperate businesses. The theme contains

  • Awareness and knowledge about the issue regarding the need of mental health trainings.
  • Strategies and techniques to address the issues regarding mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Tips to deal with the issues more vehemently.
Problem: Lack of appropriate mental health services and policies at the workplace can have a direct impact on business’s profit and productivity rate.
Solution: Provide ways to form effective mental health policies for the employees that will help the cooperate businesses to raise their profit and productivity level.
Problem: What is a mental health crisis and what to do when faced by one?
Solution: Provide ways and tips that will explain how to assess and assist in the time of a mental health crisis.
Problem: What is psychological safety and what is the link between psychological safety and innovation?
Solution: Explain the requirements of psychological safety and ways to form a psychological safe workplace that will lead towards innovation.
Problem: What is proactive self-care and how to practice it? What is the relationship between self-care and productivity at work?
Solution: Explaining the ways of practicing proactive self-care at workplace and how it will impact the productivity of staff.
Problem: If a staff member starts developing a mental health issue then what other members can do to support that staff member?
Solution: By providing ways to fight stigma and discriminations in the workplace. It also covers strategies to be open up and manage privacies.
Problem: If you think that a staff member might be suffering from a mental health issue then what steps should be taken by to help that staff member?
Solution: Explaining the appropriate ways of approaching a work colleague who might be suffering from a mental health issues.
Problem: If a staff member starts suffering from a mental health issue and takes break from work to get better and after getting healthy he/she returns to work then how he/she should be supported at his/her workplace?
Solution: Explaining the ways of supporting a staff member who have returned from a break after suffering from a mental health issue.
Problem: What is mental resilience and how it can be helpful for a cooperate organization?
Solution: Explaining the concept of mental resilience and its benefits of practicing in a workplace.
Problem: Why type of positive model of mental health should be displayed by the leaders of an organization?
Solution: Explaining the benefits that an organization can enjoy if they have a leader who can model positive mental health through their policies and behavior.