Mental Health For Salespeople & Front-Line Staff

Sales is a job that has pressure, rejection, tough customers, and tough managers which all lead to failing mental health in salespersons. When faced with daily pressures of sales reps can lose motivation and productivity and gain stress, anxiety and in worst cases depression and other serious mental health issues.

Ongoing Issue

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Challenges In Workplace

Daily rejection, abuse from customers, no support or recognition from managers, pressure of achievement and failure, all lead to increased stress and other mental health issues. When mental health issues increase, productivity, motivation and success in sales is decreased and turnover is increased.

A 2019 study from Mental Health America (formally the National Mental Health Association) concluded:
55% of people were afraid to take a day off to attend to their mental health.

69% of people felt it was safer to remain silent about their workplace stress.

what solution ahealo can provide?

Ahealo provides trainings to sales reps to achieve their goals while taking care of their mental health. The training aims to enhance resilience of sales reps to tackle the daily troubles they face.

Each theme focuses on unique issue faced by the sales reps in their day-to-day work. The theme contains

  • Awareness and knowledge about the issue
  • Strategies for managers to help reduce the issues
  • Self help strategies for sales reps to tackle issues

Problem: Sales cause the mental pressure which leads to burnout and more negative feelings about work tasks.
Solution: Provides self-help strategies and therapeutic techniques in order to reduce the impact of emotional distress in salespersons and front-line staffs.

Problem: Time for salespersons is very important. If not managed properly, it can lead to distress and mental health issues.
Solution: Provides the training includes awareness, time management strategies and more.

Problem: Without commitment and motivation, sales person got exhausted and their performance get effected.
Solution: Provides suggestions in overcoming work bias and also suggest strategies to strengthen work commitment and motivation.

Problem: Confidence is the key to success. Sale people need admiration, recognition, and reward from their managers in order to be productive.
Solution: Provides importance of work recognition and ways to increase positive impact of reward and peer support.

Problem: Resiliency enables the salesperson to focus on the positive side of the event.
Solution: Provides guidelines and training workshop and help employees in maintaining positivity.

Problem: It is common to face rejection in the sales that leads to have a negative view of self-image.
Solution: Provides training and suggestion in order to overcome the provoking impact of emotional and psychological mental abuses as a result of rejection.

Problem: Salespersons get overwhelmed by stress so this training makes them feel more self-conscious and enhance their ability to handle challenges with mindfulness.
Solution: This workshop trains individuals in strategies of selfcare leading to better mental health and effectiveness at work.

Problem: Celebrating each milestone helps build staircase for success. It results in building healthy outlook on work that enhances more productivity.
Solution: Provides trainings on building more positive attitude. The training also focuses on strategies to create realistic goal setting.

Problem: Stress in sales is a major issue that leads to burnout, low motivation, turn over and major mental health issues. To reduce these issues, stress management is essential.
Solution: Through awareness training and by learning self-help techniques to manage stress.