Embrace your positive corporate image – Mental Health Caring Company 

Mental Health Caring Company

your company will be recognized for your efforts of providing mental health care to your employees.

Ahealo and our corporate customer is going to make an initiative towards a new era of the cooperate world, your company will be recognized for their efforts of providing mental health care to employees.

Why Recognition Is Important?

Businesses with excellent mental health in the workplace programs

  • Value acknowledgment for their achievements to improve company reputation scores,
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility,
  • Recruit and retain top personnel, and
  • Favorably influence consumer purchasing behaviors.

How Can You Achieve It?

  • The resources and effort assigned on Workplace Mental Health for your employees.
  • Encourage mental health and stress management for your employee through comprehensive wellness and health programs
  • Provide training to managers in conflict resolution and management skills to reduce excessive workplace stress
  • Provide training in identifying job performance problems related to mental health issues
  • Track disability claims for mental health conditions and provide case management services to facilitate a timely return to work
  • Any resources are available for the employees regarding their mental health care?
  • Therapy/mental health assistance is readily available to your employees
  • Encourage your employees to use the companies Mental Health Care resources without any fear of judgment
  • Is the overall employee satisfaction score of the company is satisfactory? (we can give a survey to the employees so that they can give feedback about their company)
  • Pinpoint inadequate health and safety policies and reshape them according to the employee’s needs.
  • After Covid-19 employees have insecurity regarding their jobs so what are the new policies that are introduced to reduce the insecurity of the employees.
  • Benefits included in Employee Assistance Program for the employees.
  • Offer a relaxation environment and timing for the employees
  • Free or subsidized mental well-being coaches
  • Health insurance with mental health benefits at low or out-of-pocket costs.
50% reduction in mental health issues upon mental health treatment
75% betterment in work
improvement in productivity and general mental health

Benefits Of Being A Member Of Mental Health Caring Company Community

  • Employee trust will grow.
  • Employee productivity will enhance knowing that their company is supportive towards mental health care services.
  • With the honor of mental health caring company, the image, and reputation of your company will become more positive.
  • Rising talent will want to become a part of your company.
  • You will become a positive example for other companies to follow in your footsteps.

Future Endeavors

  • Ahealo will provide training to the companies that how they can become certified mental health caring companies.
  • Ahealo will arrange campaigns and events to raise awareness regarding the importance of the implementation of mental health programs in businesses.