Goal Setting

About The Product-Goal Setting

  • Ahealo Goal Setting program is designed by expert psychologists.
  • Users will be able to visualize results by setting well defined and measurable goals.
  • Users will get to break the main goal into an infinite number of sub-goals.
  • Sub-goals will divide the main goal into small, measurable and achievable goals.
  • Setting goals will boost the motivation and focus of the users.
  • It will help them reduce stress and be more in control of actions and consequences

Features of Goal Setting

  • Users can get to track their main goals with a goal deadline.
  • Users will have to describe the action they have taken to complete their main/sub goals.
  • Users can add sub-goals to their main goals as many as they want.
  • Users can get to set an importance percentage for every sub-goal, meaning how much that particular sub-goal is important for the completion of the main goal.

Statistics Showing Benifits of Goal Setting

Higher success
Achievable goals
Higher motivation
Better performance
Influence on behavior