Contract Psychologist

Having a Psychologist at workplace ensures that professional help is available to employees and they can seek assistance without any stigma or judgment.

Contract-Based Therapist

At workplace, psychologists play essential role. Apart from delivering normal mental wellness services, contract-based therapists also assist at all levels of a business:

  • Identifying
  • Supporting
  • Motivating
  • Training
  • Promoting healthy habits

Ahealo provides an in-house contract-based therapist that gets to be more familiar with your staff and corporate culture. In-depth work performance, staff contribution, and many other issues can be resolved easily


  • Psychologists develop new ways to
    • Boost productivity
    • Identify training and
    • Development requirements
  • They apply techniques proven to attract and retain the finest employees through their scientific research.
  • Psychologists assist in making technology and equipment more humanized and user friendly, be it common products or complex life saving equipment.

Part-Time Contract Therapist

If you are unsure of the requirement of therapy support for your staff, you can try out a part-time contract therapist. This will help to minimize cost and provide the mental health support required for your staff.

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Full-Time Contract Therapist

A full time contract therapist will be able to support a large group of staff during the regular working hours


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Safe And Secured Privacy

  • Ahealo makes sure that the mental health related information is kept secret and is only shared with the concerned employee.
  • Any information obtained is strictly used for betterment of the employee and the company at large.
  • Employees are given space and enough space to share what they want to disclose. They are assured full support by the psychologist in over coming any difficulties at work.
  • The psychologist ensures that the workforce remains productive and healthy while managing stress and on job demands.