About Me

Novie is a mental health advocate, educator, researcher, and psychologist. He is also a professor, a consultant, and a researcher at different colleges and organizations in the Philippines. He holds licenses in professional teaching, psychometrics, guidance and counseling, and psychology. His sheer passion for mental health advocacy prompted him to create his own counseling center named Pusong Sikolohikal Psychological Care Services, where he is the Care Executive. He mentors students on their on-the-job training and works as a volunteer peer facilitator and training manager for various groups. He is currently finishing his Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology at Ateneo de Davao University. A companion who will journey with you in times of uncertainty, one who will cheer with you in your sweetest victory, and a Wellbeing Champion.


Work & Experience




  • BA

    Novie has good experience in counselling and he deliver his service with caring

  • GA

  • AP

    Novie is the man to make me to be the champion in my life and my family. Thanks again Novie

  • AV

    Very passionate and not judging. Giving all the space to talk about my challenges

  • SO

    Always full of surprises and ideas

  • UN

    We speak the same language and I felt talking with my bro

  • AD

    Good service and fair charge

  • HE

    Novie gave good advise after each counselling section and I see my progress

  • IY

    He is a counsellor with heart and knowledgeable

  • KA

    I have problems with friends at the uni and Novie gave me the advice how to deal with them. I know some of my friends have similar problems dealing with me and others. I will share some of Novies advice to the others too. Many things to work on now

  • RO

    I talk more than I used to which is kind of surprise to me. I am starting to understand myself more now

  • LE

    Good to speak with someone who has the passion. Novie explained a lot of my challenges in simple lay man terms. I will need to work on them now

  • VI

    guess I got more work to do for myself now

  • LE

    good advice, good talk.

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