Dr James Yu

James Yu


Counselling and Psychotherapy

About Me

Dr. James Yu is a PhD-Level Clinical Psychologist who has held professorial positions at several Universities. He has over 15 years of clinical experience in USA and Hong Kong. He is also a professional for the professionals as he has been teaching and supervising psychologists in practice. Dr. Yu is an expert in psychodynamic and humanistic-existential approaches. He has worked with adults, teenagers and young children from different cultural backgrounds. Some of his successful cases have been published in international journals. He is registered with local and oversea professional organizations including British Psychological Society(UK), Hong Kong Psychological Society, American Psychoanalytic Association (US) and the Psychologists Boards of Australia and New Zealand.


  • USA
    PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • USA
    BA in Psychology_High Honors

Work & Experience



  • Counselling and Psychotherapy


  • Dream analysis
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Humanistic_existential therapy
  • HE

  • AV

    James not only taking traditional approach of normal psychologist, he also give detail analysis of my problem and phenomenon

  • TH

  • RE

    Its my luck to have Dr Yu as my psychologist, I am getting out of my trouble and approaching happyness

  • RE

  • MA

  • SO

    Very unique approach to look into my problems starting from my dream. Many times, I can hardly remember my dreams. But those I can remember are using the scary ones. You have helped to solve some of my problems

  • NA

  • WI

  • JA

    big thanks for motivating me during this dark period. It has kept me going

  • MI

  • JA

    James is a good therapist, but you are better book earlier

  • GA

    I believe him and I see my progress

  • WA

    Dr Yu gave his practical advise and suggestion, not just high level talking

  • VI

    After received his counselling, I am considering to learn psychology

  • AV

    You have given me the chance to speak my mind and encourage me to find out more. Thank you for giving me many different examples of how to deal with my stress and anxiety. Now I know I am not alone with my problems

  • DA


  • RE

    He offered a lot of ideas for me, something that my past therapist didn’t do. I will try out some of the ideas and come back again

  • PI

    A lot friendlier than I thought. Good sharing

  • RE

    very good examples and friendly. Knowledgeable

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