Dr Irish Movido

Irish Movido


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

About Me

Irish Michelle Movido is a licensed psychologist who helps people with various psychological problems achieve positive mental health and personal growth. Inspired by her own journey of healing and transformation, she is dedicated in providing a safe space for others to talk about their life challenges in order to arrive at a state of emotional stability and personal courage. Irish specializes in providing psychotherapeutic intervention to young adults with mood and personality disorders. As part of her self-care routine, she regularly practices yoga and meditation.


Work & Experience



  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


  • Depression
  • anxiety
  • goal setting
  • HO

    My emotional problem has been improved or more stable after her treatment

  • QU

    I know I dont need a hero to help me, but Irish makes me as the hero of myself

  • AL

    A bit of cultural differences but her advice make sense to me. Good examples and techniques

  • GA

    thanks for the idea to work on meditation, I am seeing some changes to my life now

  • UR

    Besides the treatment, I learn a lot from Irish

  • TH

    Irish turned me to be strong and brave to myself

  • SO

    She is not only a psychotherapist, she is also a good mentor

  • RE

    Irish helped me to help myself to step out from my own problem

  • HO

    Thanks for the advice to deal with my mood swing. I know I have these problems and its hard for me to handle them. I will consider some breathing classes

  • EL

    I didn’t expect so much when I started the session. I like some of your ideas and reasoning. Thanks

  • QU

    This was not my first time in therapy but definitely an easy session

  • QU

    overall a good session. I am not so nervous now

  • QU

    good session, useful chat, friendly

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