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Ensuring Mental Health For You And Your Company


What We Offer

We offer effective and evidence based options to maximize your mental wellbeing
Choose a Psychologist
We offer ad hoc and contract psychologist services at your convenience.
Join An E- Mindfulness Room
Join our virtual mindfulness rooms with our expert trainers
Book A Training Or Workshop Session
Get your staff trained in mental health wellness programs through our workshops designed with great precision
Seek Self-Therapy
Use tools designed by our expert psychologists to begin your mental wellness journey today

Ahealo: Bringing Mental Wellness to Corporate

Ahealo was conceived, by Keith and Pang, to provide the corporate sector with easy and secure mental health services without the fear of stigma or penalization. Because of their own experiences in the corporate world surrounding mental health including no support and stigmatization, both co-founders felt the need to devise a digital platform for mental health at workplaces. Thus Ahealo was born as a safe platform free of personal identities, information, or medical records that might jeopardize employment.

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Our First Step - Psychotherapy Service on Demand

Ahealo houses licensed psychologists from over 10 different countries, to provide clients with professional and personalized mental health support via digital platform. The program offers anonymity and privacy as well as flexible timings.

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Extensive Training Programs [Executives, Manager, and Employees]
Mindfulness Exercises [Virtual Sessions Available]
e-book, Free to download [Workplace and Mental Health]
Self-help tools [Mental Health First Aid]

Protecting Employee's Mental Health -  Corporate Psychologists

We extend the psychotherapy on demand services to corporate dedicated care of employees. Employees can book our services with assurance of confidentiality, safety and convenience. Corporate customers can form contract with us for our services according to their own flexible terms like period, location and type of services.

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Are You In Good Shape? – Mental Health Checkup

Like regular body checkup to ensure you are up and running, mental health requires check up too. If you want to know about your mental health, we have the perfect tool for you. With our screening tool you can have professional insight into your mental wellbeing to help you visualize your mental health status.

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Knowledge helps strengthen the workforce - Trainings and Workshops

To curb mental health challenges at the workplace, knowledge about mental health is important. Ahealo brings training and workshops by professionals in the field to equip you and your employees with knowledge and tools to tackle issues at all levels.

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Relax, Refresh, And Refocus Any Time - E-Mindfulness Rooms

Mindfulness is research proven to deal with daily stressors and mental ailments. Ahealo brings mindfulness to the employee’s devices by offering digital online E-mindfulness rooms equipped with trained coaches. These rooms are flexible, they can be joined at any time, any location, and only take a few minutes to help you release negative energies and regain focus.

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Self-help at your own pace - Self-Therapy Tools

If you are looking for tools that can help you work on your mental health, you are at the right place. Ahealo offers easy to use self help tools that can be personalized to your specific needs. The tools are offered in easy format mobile applications, so you can keep up wherever you are. They also come with positive community and professional help from psychologists.

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Embrace your positive corporate image – Mental Health Caring

A business that seeks mental health services for its employees improves its corporate persona as responsible and reputable both in corporate spheres and social spheres. Your efforts in regards to social and corporate responsibility will be recognized, so join ahealo today.

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